Youngpool Technology participó en el Foro de la Industria SMT de Xiamen y logró un gran éxito

May 28, 2023

On May 25, 2023, Youngpool Technology, as a well-known SMT industry enterprise, participated in the industry forum held in Xiamen Sbstc Step by Step, and achieved a great success.


During the conference, Youngpool Technology not only shared its industry experience in the SMT field with other companies, but also showcased its latest technology and product innovations. Shared the latest L-4 intelligent feeder technology with LCR measurement and L-900 variable rail can measure the value of the new multifunctional feeder, much attention! This feeder equipment adopts fully automated management and the most advanced electronic tape splicing technology, which improves the efficiency and accuracy of tape splicing. The after-sales technology close to the market has also been praised by customers.


At the SMT Industry Forum, Youngpool Technology introduced a more practical concept of smart factory, which strengthens the application of advanced technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and artificial intelligence, so as to realize the automatic control of the entire production process of the factory, and improve the production efficiency and control of the production process. Youngpool Technology puts forward the concept of collaborative innovation, which believes that the competition between enterprises is no longer fierce competition, but based on technological innovation to achieve win-win cooperation. In this way, the core competitiveness of enterprises can be improved, production costs can be reduced and customer satisfaction can be improved.


En resumen, en el Foro de la Industria SMT de Xiamen, Youngpool Technology logró un éxito total. En el desarrollo futuro, Youngpool Technology  continuará prestando atención a la tecnología de vanguardia SMT y las tendencias de la industria, y brindará a los clientes servicios y productos más eficientes, más profesionales y de mejor calidad.


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